The Precious, It’s Mine!

So here it is in all its glory, the new laptop!  It’s a 15.6″ HP G62 with an AMD processor.  I could go into how many gigs of memory it has and all that jazz, but this is me we’re talking about.  I don’t really care about most of it.  My husband is happy with the purchase and it will definitely get the job done.  I still have all sorts of software I need to install, but the point is that I have it.

It came with Windows 7, and I’m beginning to notice that some of the problems I was having when surfing the web and doing other things are likely Vista-related.  Plus, the old laptop wasn’t really having any other problems after the replacement of both the hard drive and the motherboard.  The hubby will be wiping it and installing Windows XP so that he can use it as a gaming laptop, which is really all he uses a computer for.  I’m the one who has all the important stuff: pictures, Quicken, Turbo Tax, buttloads of music, and of course, my writing.  We’re still keeping the slow and old desktop as it still serves its purpose and has been ridiculously reliable.  We did have to replace the hard drive on it about five or six years ago, but before it died, it gave us a warning of sorts (I forget what happened exactly), and we were able to back everything up and install a new hard drive before the old one completely went kaboom.

I checked out Scrivener’s website yesterday and noted that they still haven’t released the full version for Windows yet.  I debated downloading the most recent beta, but I think I’ll use the interim time to force myself to finish the reread of “Awakening Bloodlines”.  I’m editing as I go.  Not sure if that will end up being detrimental overall, but I simply can’t help it.  Old habits die hard.  But I figure since I’m having to reread it anyway, I get a free edit pass.  Right?


~ by Kat on January 11, 2011.

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