The Laptop Saga Continues…

Last time on “The Laptop”, we found our intrepid writer busily readying herself to get back  into her groove…

Yeah, okay, well, I’m on the laptop, but I’m not a happy camper.  If I have the number lock engaged, several of the letter keys come up as numbers.  Watch this: He336 every6ne, 5sn’t th5s the c663est th5ng ever+!  Heh.  Not a lot of fun.  I could pretend to be cool and try and say it’s L33t speak or whatever that nonsense is, but those in the know would be happy to tell you that I’m not that cool–or more to the point, that my grammatical prowess won’t let me type something so obnoxious because I’m just a tad OCD about good grammar, punctuation, etc.  So there’s problem number one.

The second problem is that the quote and apostrophe key is temperamental.  If I want to use the quotes, I have to space and then back up to get it to work.  Same with the apostrophe.  When writing fiction, this becomes a difficult obstacle.  Especially when one types as fast as I do.  It’s really putting a dent in how long it takes me to type a page.  I don’t know if there’s any real fix for these problems because after a little investigating, other HP laptop users have encountered the same problem.  Bleh.

The good news!  Yes, there’s good news!  As promised, Scrivener has released a beta version for Windows users!  Pardon me while I do a craptastic happy dance. <Insert pause here.> Okay, all better.  But seriously, this is the absolute best software out there for novel-writing.  It’s why so many authors can be seen with Macs–well, that’s my theory at any rate.  Interested? Please understand that this is the beta version and you should read all the info there about how a beta works and what they need, etc, etc.  If you have a Facebook page, I highly recommend seeking them out on Facebook for helpful tips and whatnot.  The guys that created this software are awesome!

Now to figure out how to get around this quote and apostrophe issue…


~ by Kat on October 27, 2010.

One Response to “The Laptop Saga Continues…”

  1. Aw, Kat, my HP laptop has been having issues, too. We’ll have to talk. Go NaNo!

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