Awakening Bloodlines (work in progress)

Christine Ellis led a complicated life.  After losing her boyfriend who she’d been with for years to a battle with cancer, she was reluctant to ever get close to anyone again.  Her work at the shelter she owned for abused and neglected children kept her emotionally closed off from as much as possible, fearful of one day having a tearfilled emotional breakdown if she didn’t shut herself off from it.  One night out with friends at a club changed everything.  A mysterious man known to her only as Vinson held her gaze like no one ever had.  Something about him made her feel uncomfortable, on edge, intrigued, and drawn in all at once.  He wanted desperately to pull her into his world, against the laws put there to forbid such actions.  But it wasn’t about entering his world, it was about finding hers.

Lost in the Woods (work in progress)

Saying that Darcy Strickland’s life was boring was an understatement.  It was flat out dull.  During tax season she kept herself busy as an accountant, but the rest of her time was spent watching the clock until she could go home and retreat into the numbing effect of reading and escapism.  Jackson Wolfhardt, her neighbor and the closest thing she had to a friend, wasn’t about to let things be so easy for her.  He needed her, but pulling her from her boring life and into one where she’d never find things so dull again wouldn’t be so easy.


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