The “Write” Way… for you!

Just finished reading a great blog by Laurell K. Hamilton about finding a pace that works for you and not trying to live up to someone else’s expectations.  Of course, this thinking all goes out the window if you’re a published writer and up against a deadline.  I know plenty of authors who get nudged by this and end up writing several thousand words in a day, literally living in front of their computer and locking the office door to make their deadlines.  That’s just a different animal altogether.  I find myself in the writing mode of being a stay-at-home mom with a kid in school and one on the way.  Most any stay-at-home mom I know with a kid or kids in school and none at home find that the weekdays while their kids are at school is the only time to get writing done, or at the very least, the best time.  I relate to this 100%.  I don’t have a home office space and there’s absolutely no room to escape to if I want to get writing done while everyone’s home.  My laptop typically resides on the dining room table or on a tray in the living room where I tend to be more relaxed.  Best writing from me is done at the table.  I’ve also found that my brain is more able to make sense earlier in the day because it hasn’t bee up for hours, bombarded by worries and stresses of daily life.  I know that sounds perfectly fine, but for me, it’s a bit of a conundrum.  Since I write paranormal, I’d rather write at night when things are known to go “bump” because it puts me in the mood.  I suppose it’s why I love rainy, dreary, cold days for writing.  As such, just imagine how much I’m looking forward to what we funnily call winter here in Texas.  Snow is the stuff of myth and legend in this part of the state.  We might get ice, but usually not much and if it lasts more than a day, we all go into this state of shock where we must stay home and stare out our windows in awe.  But I digress.  Anyway, that’s why I write when I write.  Number of words?  I feel accomplished at the rate of over a thousand a day.  Now, of course this isn’t feasible on the weekends, and I’ve joined ARWA’s writing challenge in order to strive to write at least 100 words on Saturdays and Sundays.  I used to not bother with writing on the weekends, but I’ve found that the little refreshing boost each day helps keep me from wondering where the heck I was come Monday.  It also helps keep me focused and motivated.  Having lost focus with “Awakening Bloodlines” over the summer and even growing somewhat bored with it, I’ve now seen how important it is to keep on task.  And with my current work, I’m seeing changes I need to make to “AB” in order to make it work.  I’m forcing myself to stay focused on this current work, though, despite the weak call of “AB”.  I’m making small side notes whenever the mood strikes about “AB” so I can easily go back and more or less rewrite what’s there, but the current (obviously still untitled) work needs to get out of me first.  It’s far too personal and concepts from it have already tried to force their way into my other WIPs where they have no place being.  In a sense, I need to put my current work “to rest” and let go of it so I can move on and write without being restricted.  Restricted isn’t even the right word, but with it being so personal, I refuse to do it a disservice and move on.  Just can’t do it.  Already got my thousand in for today (woot!) and may even do more (double-woot!) if I get some housework done and the mood strikes.

Today’s agenda also includes writing a small book review for the ARWA newsletter.  I’ve chosen to do it on J. R. Ward’s “Dark Lover,” by far my favorite vampire romance of all time.  Not sure why, but maybe in the course of working on this review, I’ll figure that out.  I may post it here once I have the finished product.

~ by Kat on September 28, 2009.

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