When It Rains, It Pours

What is that old saying?  Bad things happen in threes?  Well, if that’s true, I hope that means that nothing else is gonna hit me from out of left field for a while.  I have a new hard drive, so near as I can tell, problem number one is fixed.  My second problem isn’t so much a problem as it is an unsolvable worry.  I called my mom on Thursday to just to say hi and she informed me that she was once again back in the hospital.  Great.  She had been running a high fever and this mystery infection she’d had before seemed to be back based on an MRI they’d done.  They were planning on doing a CT scan for the purpose of inserting a scope and pulling out some of the infection so they could culture it, but then on Friday, she stopped running a fever, so they sent her home.  I called her today, and she started running a fever again on Saturday.  So now she goes to the doctor today at 2pm and we’ll know more then.  My poor mom.  Problem number three?  I hopped in my car this morning to take my son to school, started backing up and thought my car was acting strange.  When my front tires hit the edge of the driveway, I heard scraping and pulled back in.  I got out to find my front, driver’s side tire sitting flat against the pavement.  Lovely.  The tires are past old, though, and we’ve been holding off purchasing new ones because we can’t afford it.  Well, now we’re being forced to afford it.  We have no other choice.  We’ll just buy two for now, costing around $228 and hold off on the others for a month or so.  Thankfully, my neighbor whose daughter attends the same school as my son was able to give us a ride up there this morning and then drop me back off.  I’m hoping my other neighbor, who has Mondays off, can give me a ride up there to pick him up this afternoon.  And then once my husband gets home, he’ll throw on the spare and off we’ll go to Discount Tire.  What fun!  Not.

So, rain.  Wow, lots of it!  It’s one of the good things I have to comment on at this point.  There’s another saying for you: Texas droughts always end in floods.  Well, yeah, Jarrell got 14″ in one day?  Something like that, and they’re just a short drive up the road, where I heard they had to shut down part of I-35 on Friday due to water over the road.  I have no idea how much rain we’ve gotten at this point, but it’s enough that I have little baby mushrooms growing up around a wood divider between my sidewalk and my driveway.  Cute.  Actually, this dreary weather is so perfect for writing that it’s a shame I got off to such a foul start this morning.  Writing this blog has seemed to settle me a bit, though.  And that’s good.  Especially given that the only possible chore in the house that could really keep me from making writing progress is laundry.  And even then, I think there’s only enough to do one load.  I spent all weekend getting my hard drive up and running as well as making sure this house was in perfect condition for me to have zero distractions this morning.  Hah!

Alright, enough bitterness from me.  I’m thankful to have had the time to blog because as always, writing is a good catharsis, even the kind where all I do is sit and bitch.  I think I may go read for a bit, and then sit down and write.  I’m expecting my husband to call me during his first break this morning in a few moments where I’ll expect to discuss my idea as well as discuss the possibility of growing the world’s first real money tree.  Well, one can dream.

~ by Kat on September 14, 2009.

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  1. Whee… Another blog! I’m saving you in my links. ^.^

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