Yea Monday!! …Well, sorta.

I was under the impression that my son’s first week at school would mean life might slow down a little for me, be a little less stressful, and give me time to write.  Boy was I wrong.  So much happened last week that when I sat down and stared at last week’s blog title, I was in disbelief.  Had it really only been one week since my son’s first day of school?  Sadly, yes.  So, what all happened to make me so nuts?  Far too much.

Firstly, I couldn’t be more pleased with my son’s school, with one huge exception.  Everyone there is so incredibly nice and helpful… with one exception.  This “exception” has caused me to contact the school district’s superintendent with my concerns.  We played a little phone tag last week and I’ll be trying to get in touch with her again sometime this morning.  This has become such a huge issue for me, last night instead of being excited and happy about the prospect of taking my son to school today, I was anxious and nervous.  There’s nothing like sitting in your car and telling your child to wait just a moment while you wait for someone else to disappear behind doors of the school you won’t be going through just so you can avoid them.  I probably shouldn’t even be talking about this on here, and I’m leaving out many, many details, but it was such a huge part of stress in my life last week that I couldn’t not talk about it to some degree.

My hard drive was probably the next biggest issue that came up last week.  It’s been acting flaky for a while now, and a couple days last week it took 3-4 hours to get it to boot up properly, and then on… I think it was Wednesday, it started up several times in such a way that I could only describe it as getting a flat-line.  After running the recovery disk and realizing that the only real and huge important thing I didn’t backup was my iTunes, I managed to get my computer back.  Against my better judgment, I allowed my husband to take the hard drive out of my laptop.  We noticed what looked like possible evidence of overheating.  I do admit that I often keep my laptop (my main computer for doing just about anything) on all day long and have sometimes only put it to sleep overnight.  I’ll no longer do this, but at the same time I recognize that my laptop was originally a store model and the damage could’ve been done long before I brought it home… which is quite possible because I recall having to run the recovery disk not long after I brought it home.  After spending some time on Tiger Direct’s website, my husband discovered that a replacement will only cost around $50-$80.  That’s a huge relief and I’ll likely only upload very few things to this computer until we purchase a new hard drive.  It’s still acting up a little and I don’t trust it.  Also, rather than upload all sorts of stuff only to lose it, I’d rather just wait.

Everything else that happened last week seems incredibly minor compared to those two biggies.  We signed up the kiddo for soccer and he starts practicing for the first time this week.  I attended a writing workshop led by Sherry Thomas in conjunction with a critique session that was full of all sorts of things I could mention, but none of which would be appropriate.  The workshop was informative, but the critique session… Let’s just say that I left feeling not-so-confident about my work.  After I returned home, I received an email from one of the critiquers (probably the most qualified of the small group) telling me not to believe everything I hear.  I guess what I need to do is put my fears aside and enter my first chapter into a contest.  What’s the worst that could happen?  I’d be out the entry fee and some contest judge would tell me that my writing sucks?  Well, yeah.  It seems like such an easy thing to put aside, but my work is a close part of me.  I’ll admit that it’s not as close a part of me as it once as, but we’re working on becoming reacquainted.

On that note, happy Monday and hopefully I’ll have a better week than the last one.  I wish the best for all of you, too.

~ by Kat on August 31, 2009.

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