First Day of Pre-K

The quiet stillness of my house is almost unnerving.  It’s also so incredibly mesmerizing that I can’t even bring myself to disturb it yet with music, just the clicking of my fingers, and fingernails in desperate need of clipping, on my keyboard.  I have coffee in my favorite purple travel mug mere inches from my laptop and a content, purring cat at my feet.  Short one cat.  Well, the other likes to be on top of the table, and since my husband’s not around to kick her off, I’m sure she’ll make herself known soon.  Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before or not, but I generally keep my laptop at my dining room table with a lovely view outside of these maize colored walls through three windows that bay out over the front yard and the now quiet street that earlier had cars, buses, kids, and parents bustling just at the barest hint of the sunrise.  The sun is now well on its way towards the top of the sky to bring yet another scorching, rainless day to central Texas.  Thank God for air conditioning.

It was difficult to leave my son this morning on his first day of school at “the big kids” school, as we’ve come to call his elementary school.  I think when I was just about to leave that he was beginning to pick up on my vibe of almost crying.  Almost.  I honestly didn’t, which given the pregnancy hormones is just a complete miracle.  I’m glad we had gotten there as early as we did.  I got a parking space and walked him inside and all the way to the cafeteria at the back of the school.  His teacher met us there and he was the first of her class to arrive.  After a brief stop at the nurse’s office to give them an updated shot record, I headed back outside to find a mess.  Cars were parked everywhere, including places they shouldn’t have been, despite the police cruiser and its lights.  Based on what the news said last night, my guess was that each school had at least one police officer there this morning, maybe more at the middle schools and high school.  Surprisingly enough, I managed to make it out of there, driving well below the speed limit to make sure that I had at least three inches between me and the cars on either side of me.  I just prayed that the parked ones didn’t open their doors as I was passing.  I got lucky.

So, here I am, back home and ready to get back into my writing groove.  Mondays will be my blogging days with writing getting started soon after this.  I’ve noticed that some of the links to writers I read here are wrong or dead, so I’ll be gradually fixing things like that as well as adding new writers and authors as I get their info and/or as I pick up their books.  I’m not entirely sure how much writing I’ll get done this week as I need to prepare for a critique session this Saturday by reading around ten pages of three other people’s manuscripts as well as reading mine in its entirety as I begin what will likely be the  daunting task of writing out a synopsis and filling out a few character sheets.  “Real” writing may not actually begin for me until next week, which might just be a good thing as I slowly slide back into this groove.

Hmm… out of coffee.  I suppose it’s time to get at least some work done. 😉

~ by Kat on August 24, 2009.

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