Odds and Ends

I’m really getting the hang of this Twitter thing.  I downloaded TwitterFox and now I can’t seem to stop.  I tweeted back and forth with Colleen Gleason, author of The Gardella Vampire Chronicles, on Saturday and thought that was the coolest thing ever.  She also told me that if she had to write, then so did I.  So I knocked out around 1,000 words.

My mom is currently in the hospital with three bacterial infections that caused her to run as high as a 105.5.  They aren’t sure of the underlying cause of these infections, but she’s receiving treatment and they’ve been running tests.  Her blood sugar is also all outta whack, and we’re not sure if that’s from the infections or what, but they’re monitoring it closely now.  She’s currently in the rehab section of the hospital where she’s undergoing physical therapy for the febrile neuropathy (I think?) which basically caused her body to react poorly after running so high a temperature.  It’s made her weak to the point of barely being able to move.  I really don’t know all the details since she lives out of state.  She’s also the medical professional of the family, so getting info out of my dad on her status is not entirely helpful.  I’m thinking of planning a trip up there towards the end of May.  We’ll have to see if that pans out or not.

Speaking of May, I have a court date about the ticket I received for running a red light.  It was raining out and I thought I used my best judgement in terms of not slamming my breaks on and causing another accident.  The light was indeed yellow when I started through it, and I wasn’t about to slam on the breaks of my minivan with my son in the back seat.  Anyway, it’s a long story and I’m just hopong to fight it because I do recall them teaching you in driver’s ed to do exactly what I did.  It should be an interesting experience, to say the least.

My husband and I (well, mostly just I because it’s my sanity in question) have decided not to send Ethan to summer camp this year in an effort to lower costs.  Instead, my best friend and I have decided to plan out the summer for our four kids by doing as many cheap and free things as possible.  It should make for some interesting fun, and hopefully I won’t pull all my hair out over the course of the summer.  It may not bode well for my writing time, but I’ll have to work around it.  Time will tell.

~ by Kat on April 6, 2009.

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