Marching on Out

I can’t believe we’re already at the end of March.  2009 is going to be one of those years that people ask about and I’ll have to apologize for having blinked.

Got some work done on LitW today, but now I’m feeling stuck.  I’m not really sure why, but it’s like the characters aren’t telling me what’s up anymore.  And as weird as that may sound to someone who doesn’t write, it scares the shit out of me.  God, what I wouldn’t do for a little inspiration.  Tomorrow might see me picking up Awakening Bloodlines again.  But I may not get any real writing done on it.  More like heavy editing and reworking of things.  I also need to be more diligent about taking notes on it as I go, so I’m not backtracking later trying to remember someone’s hair color or eye color.

I’m back in the library this week for the writing after trying to be more of a stickler in my own home about it last week and watching myself fail miserably.  I have to be in a no-fail environment, I guess.  Perhaps one day if the home office thing ever pans out, I should put a little mini-fridge in there and fill it with only what I’ll eat for lunch that day.  That’ll also keep me from snacking and blowing my hips out beyond where they already are.

Oh well, back to the writing for another 45 minutes or so.

~ by Kat on March 30, 2009.

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