And sickness conquers all…

I hate being sick.  I know most people hate being sick, minus the school-aged child who just wishes to get out of a test or something.  But what I hate isn’t so much how I feel, it’s the affect it has on my life.  Everything comes to a screeching halt.  No dishes, no laundry, no cleaning, and most importantly, NO WRITING!

Saturday before last, we took Rocco and Apache to the vet.  Rocco went in for routine puppy shots, and Apache went in because she’s old at 14 and is in failing health.  She left the vet’s office with a diagnosis of pneumonia and we’ve been giving her the cat equivalent of Amoxicillin, with instructions to give it to her for 2 weeks and then come back with a followup.  We came back home and it was like I went downhill from there.  It started off with just being kinda tired.  No biggie, right?  Just take a nap.  Well, the nap didn’t help and I felt worse when I woke up.  Nausea accompanied with a horrible headache that made my head feel like it weighed no less than two tons.  I wasn’t terribly surprised, because the Tuesday before that, Ethan went through a similar episode.  However, unlike him, mine lasted through Monday.  A complete waste of a three day weekend.  My temperature was as high as 102 before it was all over.

Well, so that aside, I thought things were all better.  Boy was I wrong.  First it was Ethan, he’d cough so hard in the mornings that he’d end up vomitting mucous.  He did this a lot when he was a baby and it usually meant horrible allergies.  Well, he didn’t get better, and then I started feeling the same symptoms.  Return of the two-ton head, plus wanting to vacuum out my sinuses via a vacuum cleaner–I’m still trying to decide if this is at all possible.  He and I both saw the doctor on Friday and left with prescriptions for antibiotics (Omnicef and a Z-pack) with orders to keep us both on our Nasonex, Mucinex, and allergy medication.  Claritin for Ethan; Zyrtec for me.  I’m happy to say that despite going through enormous amounts of Kleenex and me hacking until I pulled a muscle yesterday, we’re both doing much better.  And I still never felt as bad as I did when I ran that fever the 17th through the 19th.

Now, I’m working on something I plan on submitting for Silhouette Nocturne Bites, and I keep tweeking it because I just can’t decide that it’s good enough for submission yet.  I’m about to have someone else read it before I club myself to death for ridiculous and unnecessary revisions.  So, for the moment, Awakening Bloodlines is being shelved.

I’m taking this really neat class being taught by Julie Kenner (whose website should be in my list down there on the right) at the Georgetown Public Library thanks to the San Gabriel Writers’ League.  For $30 it’s certainly well worth it.  It’s also the first formal creative writing course I’ve ever taken, especially if you don’t count English Composition I from college–which I don’t.  After only two classes, I’ve found it to be extraordinarily informative.  There are some basic, very simple things about writing a novel that I hadn’t really considered before.  I also have this course to thank for pointing me towards finding out about the Nocturne Bites thing.  I had just happened to go to Harlequin’s website to look something up and there was the information about it.  Amazing how little things happen for a reason like that.
So now, today I’ve worked on what I’m lovingly calling Lost in the Woods and I’m about to go play housewife/maid.

~ by Kat on January 26, 2009.

One Response to “And sickness conquers all…”

  1. Hey! Glad you got so much out of the class! (Not entirely sure how I stumbled here, as I was googling the title of one of my books, and not my name, but glad I did! Keep writing 🙂

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