My son’s at school, my husband’s at work… I got the house back!!  Well, sorta.  Rocco (my somewhat new puppy) is trying to befriend Mysti (one of my cats).  She’s not having any of it and is sitting here beneath the table I’m at, making very low growling noises.  Poor Rocco, he just wants a friend.  And poor me.  Since it’s pretty cold outside, I can’t have Rocco out for extended periods of time.  He’s still very much in the process of potty-training, which won’t allow me to focus all my thought on writing lest I wish to clean up puppy pee off of my carpet.  Le sigh.  The things we must put up with.

Christmas was well spent with family up in Arkansas.  My son got a new bike as well as a ton of other toys to make me nuts.  What’s odd is that he’s having no problem really with the bike, when he never could grasp the hang of riding a tricycle.  He also received a Thomas train set and I’m just amazed at how easy it is for him to put the thing together and get it going all on his own.  I got some clothes and gift cards to places I love, namely a $50 one to a bookstore that will no doubt be spent very quickly.

My birthday is in two days and I’ll be 30.  Eek!  Okay, I’m not really as freaked out about it as I sound, just a little sad that I’ll no longer be a twenty-something.  Perhaps I’m making up my own stigma in regards to what being thirty-something means.  I’m also a bit perturbed at myself for not having a manuscript completed for submission by said 30th birthday.  Oh well, perhaps this is the year I will do it.  I want to, but I’m absolutely horrible at setting goals for myself.  If others set goals for me, that’s one thing, but setting goals for myself has never been my strong-suit.

Well, it’s off to do some laundry and housework for me.  I’m hoping to get some writing time in later, I could truly use it.

~ by Kat on January 5, 2009.

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