The eyes have it!

Two days without writing… I should be drug out in the street, tarred, feathered, and never allowed to read Sherrilyn Kenyon ever again.  God, what a torture that would be.

My excuses?  Today I’ve been getting ready to go visit my parents for Christmas.  But I had plenty of time to read about 100 pages of Acheron as well as write an RP for Katastrophe.  So really, I have no decent excuse, especially since my son took an unexpected and extraordinarily long nap today.

Yesterday, I went to the eye doctor for an overdue yearly exam.  The last time I was in, I saw a doctor I wasn’t crazy about who really wanted to push me getting my eyes dilated, which is something I can’t do because, like my mom, I feel very disoriented and it makes me nauseated.  And she wasn’t exceptionally nice, either.  However, she told me that I had abrasions on my eyes and that they were very dry, etc.  But she didn’t offer a lot of solutions.

The guy I saw yesterday was amazing.  He’s a new addition to the practice (well, new to me) and his wife works there as well.  He was kind and considerate, listening to what I had to say.  He looked at my eyes after putting this dye in and was able to get a really good look without dilating, and told me that my eyes were very healthy with just mild irritation and dryness that he said was likely allergy-related, given my history of allergies.  He prescribed some antihistamine drops and gave me a sample as well as rebates for them.  Very cool.  I tried the drops first thing this morning and found that I rubbed at my eyes very little, noticing that they didn’t give me half the problems in a day that I’m used to.  Wonderful!  Oh, and the computer readout said that my contacts prescription should’ve been bumped up a step, but when he did the, “Lens 1, lens 2; 1 and now 2,” thing, he decided that it wouldn’t be a good idea and if I read a lot (duh!) then it really wouldn’t be a good idea. Sooo… first time in a long time that my vision hasn’t really changed.

Tomorrow will be spent driving with a recently potty-trained child and a nearly potty-trained puppy.  Should be very entertaining…

~ by Kat on December 19, 2008.

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