Another day, another k…

I completed another 1,000 words today, making a whopping two days total of keeping up with my goal.  The content was good but the writing was almost pure drivel.  The scene I was working on yesterday did  a complete 180, it’s the editing later that I dread.  I thought I knew where my sex scene was and Christine (my main character) decided to fuck it up… puns… and ended up fearfully backing off from the situation.  I both love and hate it when my characters take control of a scene and decide for themselves how it’s going to play out.  It’s difficult on the planning.

Am I crazy for thinking in this manner, letting my characters have so much leeway and treating them as if they are free thinking, real people?  Not at all.  Some of my favorite writers do exactly this.  And it’s fun to let the characters’ true nature lead their way of thinking and acting.  On the other hand, maybe I’m just mildly schizophrenic.  Hmm…

Not to give too terribly much away, but when the vampire kissed her, he held her too tightly and she retreated and he was too worried about hurting her to try and pursue anything further.  Yeah, sexual tension and frustration at its best, right there.

~ by Kat on December 17, 2008.

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