Hello world!

Well, since this was the title given upon joining, I felt it made perfect sense and decided to leave it be.  My hope is that this will become my little blog home on the web for anything and everything related to my written works.  As I don’t plan on publishing under my real name, I wanted to have something out here to say, oddly enough, “Hello world, this is me, and this is what I do!”  Fancy that.

I’m currently playing around with the look of this blog, so it might change quite a bit before I actually decide on a more permanent look of something I like.  Until then, check back and give me feedback of what you like and what repulses you more than knowing that UT is going to the Fiesta Bowl instead of Florida.  Ta for now.

~ by Kat on December 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Welcome to the wonderful, time-sucking world of blogging! I was without a computer for about a week and when I got it back I realized just how much time I spend blogging, blog-hopping and surfing the net. Of course, I made note of how much time I spend doing these things, but I haven’t stopped or cut down yet!

  2. I’m pretty repulsed that Sam Bradford won the Heisman!

  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogs! If I don’t have your blog on my writer’s roll by the end of the week, send me an antagonizing email. And if you have an questions on word press, I’ll be happy to field. I’m no Web Wench, but I can work my way around it. 🙂 Jackie

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